Broadcaster Servicing

While the host broadcast coverage of an event guarantees the pictures and the stories from the host country are shown to the world, it is the unilateral coverage provided by rights holders in each territory which melds the content to the audience – allowing the focus of the event to dilute down into maximised coverage of individual athletes and teams depending on the country which the broadcast is aimed at. For this gigantic potential for exposure to be tapped, it is essential that rights holders have access to information about what broadcast possibilities are available to them, a trusted and reliable contact point to manage their bookings and dedicated teams on-site at competition venues to ensure the services in which they have invested are delivered and utilised to their fullest potential.

First of all the rights holders must know what is available to them, when and at what cost. The organisation of information meetings with rights holders, the development of online platforms to share news and content as well as the generation and publication of documentation for broadcasters is a role often shared to a greater or lesser extent with event organisers. Having an experienced partner to assist with such matters reduces the burden on the federation or property owner, knowing they can delegate to an efficient team, well-versed in delivering the details essential to keeping broadcasters in touch. From the first information share with rights holders to the delivery of a post-event report on the project to the event organiser, clear, concise and quick communication keeps the wheels moving.

With information shared to rights holders through a rate card of services, the process of selling the broadcast opportunities to the event organiser’s customers can begin. It is more than just a case of taking an order and delivering a receipt. With years of understanding broadcasters’ needs at major sporting events, the HBS Booking unit are able to assist and advise – highlighting the benefits and advantages of specific broadcast positions and services in order to fully amplify their deployment. A centralised point of contact, the dialogue continues from the first unilateral meetings to assess rights holders’ needs through to the denouement of the project – with a constant focus on encouraging and assisting their coverage and the overall promotion of the property.

Once services have been booked, it is important that your customers get what they paid for. Venue-based broadcast liaison teams work hand-in-hand with the booking team to understand what rights holders have ordered, when and where they should receive their services and that those utilities are available to them in the optimum circumstances. Sourced from a wide global pool of talent, with a wealth of experience covering service delivery at all kinds of sports events around the world, these teams protect and put your clients’ needs first from their venue arrival until their last mixed zone interview.

The global image of your event will grow from the unilateral broadcasters’ presentation, in the hands of experts, managing the relationship from start to finish, the success of their operations in parallel to the main host broadcast coverage will be an assurance rather than an uncertainty.