As a federation or sporting property rights owner, your main broadcast objective is connecting with your audience. Bringing the live experience into their homes and to their screens. Quite simply, without the backing of an experienced Engineering team, who can provide a robust and reliable framework, there can be no sure-fire link between your sport and your supporters. Each cable, link and distribution feed must be planned to perfection in advance, tested for efficiency and the entire network maintained and monitored by a team who live and breathe broadcast engineering.

When you are delivering technical infrastructure for both a host broadcast and broadcasters’ own independent operations, often involving numerous technical facilities monitoring incoming and outgoing video and audio channels, you need to be beyond certain that all connections have been made correctly and that they are linking the rights places with each other at the right moment. As part of HBS’ best practices entire broadcast engineering structures are designed, configured and tested off-site months in advance, meaning nothing is left to chance. Innovative solutions, such as container-based operations mean that, given the right circumstances, the entire set-up can be prepared in comfort off-site, packed into a container, shipped and arrive ready for simple plug-and-play installation. Effectively an all-in-one pre-packed OB van without wheels.

Mastering tried-and-tested solutions does not mean a rigid answer for every project. Following the wave of technology, advancing alternatives are constantly being evaluated by our experts, with emerging concepts – such as IP-based switching systems that offer new ways to manage master control operations – already being implemented when suitable. Fully IP-based data transportation networks, which allow for decentralised video and audio switching, are shown to provide faster, more flexible workflows and, consequently, have a positive impact on the production of events of all sizes.

Whether it is a broadcast centre or operations at individual sporting venues, our experts will build your infrastructure, deliver power and telecom and ensure your signal is beamed right into your core markets and beyond. And it is not just about the visuals. What are pictures without the associated sound that comes with them? Either the ambience of the stadium or the commentary from the tribune, the acoustics of your event are treated just as importantly as the images. From microphone placement to the commentary units, from surround sound to immersive audio, your aural experience will be tailored to ensure the feeling of the occasion is reflected in the soundtrack.

Connecting your event to the world and bringing the audio and visual experience of the spectacular direct to homes and fan viewing areas, your technical solution must be flawless. It’s about far, far more than just plugging in cables…