2 October 2015

HBS returned to Singapore this week to take part, along with Chang Long Jong, Deputy CEO of 28th SEA Games official Host Broadcaster MediaCorp, in delivering the Post-Games Report to Lim Teck Yin, Chairman of SINGSOC Executive Committee and CEO of Sport Singapore.

Having participated alongside MediaCorp, as Host Broadcast Production Partner, in the landmark event it was a welcome opportunity to mark the final milestone on the event journey and – at a distance of several months from the event – take stock and evaluate a project that has been hailed as a major success by all parties.

HBS CEO Francis Tellier thanked MediaCorp for the opportunity to work together on this special project and SINGSOC for the trust and cooperation they showed throughout the life of the mission. 

“Through our experience with multi-sports games, we were familiar with the challenges of a project of this magnitude and were able to provide effective solutions,” Francis explained. “We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs) about our coverage quality, range of services and support provided. It has been a privilege for HBS and MediaCorp to work alongside SINGSOC, exchange experiences, share know-how and break new ground together.

“Our objective was to establish a new gold standard for sports coverage in Southeast Asia and raise the profile of the SEA Games as a major international event. I think, through cooperation and hard work, we have achieved that goal and created a real challenge for those who will follow – it, of course, goes without saying that we would be happy and honoured to participate again in future events in the region.”

The 28th SEA Games covered 19 days and involved 11 competing nations. A total of 490 hours were broadcast, reaching a total of over 600 million viewers. Live coverage of 14 sports was complemented by ENG coverage of the remaining 25 sports, with a crew of over 300 HBS staff members on site in Singapore. A 2,100 m2 International Broadcast Centre (IBC) was constructed and housed 10 of the 15 RHBs.

For more information regarding the 28th SEA Games project please click here.