27 May 2016

HBS’ CEO Office Director and Broadcast Academy Director Lise Cosimi and Deputy Head of Digital Johannes Franken will take part in panels at two key global sporting events this week-end and next week, the 58th ABU Sports Group Conference and SPONSORs Sports Media Summit. They will debate with their peers about the future of broadcasting and the impact new technologies have on the industry.


HBS CEO Office Director Lise Cosimi (left) and Deputy Head of Digital Johannes Franken (right)

On 30 May, Lise Cosimi will be sitting on a panel at the ABU Sports Group Conference held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in her capacity as Broadcast Academy Director.

The ABU Sports Group Conference is a yearly event where members of the AsiaPacific Broadcasting Union gather to share their experience and foster cooperation between Asian members.

Lise Cosimi’s panel, entitled “Production & Transmission Service, Digital Content Sharing Platform & Training”, will debate on how to best train the ABU members in sports broadcast through Broadcast Academy, the training organization launched by HBS in 2007.

On the same week, on 2 June, Johannes Franken, HBS’ Deputy Head of Digital, will be participating in a panel at SPONSORs Summit, at the Conference Centre in Cologne, where he will share a presentation about the impact of digital/multimedia and the evolution it means for rights holders, sponsors, and marketing agencies.

SPONSORs Sport Media Summit is a German-speaking, one-day event organised around six special forums with a predominant focus on the digital area (media strategies, CRM, and Digital sponsorships). 

This event will be an occasion for HBS to showcase its strengthened digital offer and to present the work of Infront Digital Solutions (IDS), a groundbreaking trans-company group revolving around global digital strategies designed and implemented by HBS, parent company Infront and their subsidiary Omnigon.

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