Host broadcasting

During major events such as the FIFA World Cup™, host broadcasting covers a wide range of tasks including the start to finish project management of these events, a process which typically involves several years of planning. In addition, the host broadcaster must answer the need of tailored facilities and services and, depending on the format and scale of the event, the building of an International Broadcast Centre (IBC).

The first step of the host broadcasting process is an in-depth audit of the event and the location, to establish what needs to be delivered. Services and facilities are customised to fit the event, the needs of all stakeholders and the budget parameters. 

The host broadcast is implemented by a team of specialists, such as the HBS experts, who are sometimes supplemented through short-term joint ventures with other service providers. The prime objectives are to guarantee the resources and experience to deliver “best ever” host coverage, in terms of quality, versatility and reliability, and to deliver to Rights Holders across the globe tailored services and cost effective innovations.