UNESCO workshop: HBS’ Broadcast Academy promotes Gender Equality in broadcast

17 October 2016

HBS and HBS’ Broadcast Academy promote gender equality in the sports broadcasting industry at the invitation of UNESCO.

Lise Cosimi, Director of HBS’ Broadcast Academy, will be participating in a workshop organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on 21-24 October.

The workshop, designed as a training session, will be held in Maffliers – located north of Paris – and will centre around Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media (GSIM), a concept designed by UNESCO to contribute to gender equality and women’s empowerment in and through all forms of media, regardless of the technology used. GSIM focus on two perspectives: equality between women and men working in the media, and equality in news reporting on women and men.


A female director trains on the Live TV Simulator at the Broadcast Academy offices in Boulogne/Paris.

This event is more specifically tailored to address the issue of gender equality in African media, as members from the “Union Africaine de Radiodiffusion” (UAR) will attend the workshop. HBS’ Broadcast Academy is quite familiar with the African media landscape, having dispensed training in no less than 17 different countries across the continent between 2007 and 2016, and worked with many members of the UAR in the past.

The Academy’s aim is to leave a legacy in the broadcasting world, and one way of achieving this is to encourage young women to consider a career in broadcasting or, more generally, in media. Lise Cosimi, Director of HBS’ Broadcast Academy, tries to raise awareness about gender equality. Over the years, she has observed the evolution of trends and compiled data to show the evolution of women’s employment and positions in the sports broadcasting field.

She will use the opportunity offered by the UNESCO-GSIM workshop to present her findings and share her vision on the advancement of women’s empowerment.