Venue Management

Depending on the event and the country, a venue can consist of a single location, with the broadcast operations static and in place for the duration, to anything upwards of 40 unique sites spread as far apart as almost opposite sides of a continent. Ensuring a consistent set-up and delivery across such a wide range of broadcast facilities, often with different production teams passing through for each competition day, doesn’t just happen. You need a trusted and reliable permanent presence on site, and a forward-thinking and experienced management team working months in advance to cover every base, foresee every impracticality and lay down the groundwork for successful operations for both the host broadcast coverage and the rights holders, who will visit the facility right on the eve of the action with high expectations.

The importance of pre-planning cannot be underestimated. While modern stadiums may more and more look like off-the-peg replicas, there can be no assumption that each and every one will have the same identikit solution implemented without a thorough analysis of every detail of the site, the host country or the sporting event being held. A venue operation at a football stadium is a completely different proposition to an aquatics event centred around a swimming pool and requires staff who understand the differences. Advance site visits, detailed schematic overlay drawings and close cooperation with the stadium owners are fundamental steps in ensuring there are no last-minute hitches or oversights that may jeopardise the broadcast of your event. HBS’ roster of venue management personnel have the experience of delivering in all conditions and, thus, their anticipation of the kind of problems that may arise provides a layer of protection and reassurance.

No matter how well planned and precisely prepared a venue is before the action begins, it must be maintained and managed through the life of its participation in your event. HBS venue management teams based on site are the touchstone for all host broadcast and rights holder personnel, who rely on them to have everything prepared and ready when they arrive, to quickly and effectively react and respond to any diversions from the plan during their operations and to facilitate a smooth and efficient derig and exit after the event is over. Again, the vast experience of the pool of venue specialists on HBS’ contact list means that wherever in the world, whatever the sport and whenever on the calendar, the best individuals for the role can be provided to ensure that the long-term planning goals of federations, organising committees and broadcasters are met.

HBS’ framework also ensures that those on site for long hours need not worry about the regular limitations often imposed by a stadium’s location. Venue logistics teams ensure that our staff are transported to their workplace on time and suitable catering is provided to ensure they can focus on the primary objective of delivering world-class coverage of your event. The complete package is provided; thoughtful pre-planning, coordination with all authorities and organisers, site management, technical set-up for venue production and attentive care for those at work.

From pre-event venue operations definition to complete site management, down to technical installation or venue overlay. HBS has the full range of services covered to ensure the transmission of the action in the stadium to the audiences at home with flawless efficiency.