Broadcast Structures

An International Broadcast Centre is not just a work place, it is a home. For broadcasters covering your major sporting event, they will spend endless hours within its walls, often far from family and friends. The design and delivery of this structure must then be considered by experts in the field, attentive to more than just the metres and inches of defined space and the wood, metal and fibres required to put it together. While functionality is the key priority at all times, an overview of the aesthetic, ambience and accessibility must be taken into account. Your IBC must be an environment in which its inhabitants are happy to spend their days, with services, signage and comforts both considered and provided.

An initial understanding of the most cost-effective methods, and surveying the local market of suppliers and contractors, ensures that the scale of your IBC can be kept in line with budget requirements – always with sustainability and future recycling of materials kept in mind. The overall planning and management of a build is handled by highly-experienced staff with the vision to see the challenges and potential complications of an installation in advance, while the final steps of the journey are implemented by crews hand-picked for the role following rigorous recruitment procedures. Methodology that ensures the best team for the job, given the local scenario, will be deployed to construct your facility.

It is never as simple as hiring a spacious exhibition centre and taking a drag-and-drop cookie-cutter approach to installing multilateral and unilateral areas for the broadcast of a major sporting event. Sometimes, in fact, it can be quite a challenge. HBS’ years of experience have covered all eventualities and numerous approaches to finding a suitable solution for the installation and operation of facilities in all types of environment. Take, for example, the 7th Asian Winter Games Astana-Almaty 2011, where the designated space available for the project was a former nightclub located on the 11th floor of the Almaty Towers business complex. The IGBS construction team made it work.

More and more, broadcasters who have made the commitment to be on site in a host country want to give their audience back at home a tangible view of their investment. It is no longer enough to provide a central broadcast hub, away from the action and the flavour of the host cities. Outside presentation studios, accompanied by an iconic backdrop that identifies the city or country hosting the sporting event have fast become an essential component of a complete coverage plan for broadcasters. Whether a grouped solution shared by several rights holders or a tailored answer to individual requests, HBS’ construction team can use its unique position in country to provide a service for multiple broadcasters or facilitate a unilateral concept from the drawing board to reality.

You are not just building walls, rooms and facilities with an IBC. You are building your broadcast, and in turn the perception of your event. A solid and reliable structure, providing broadcasters with a comfortable and functional base, and, if necessary, a showcase window onto the host country, is the sturdy – and essential – platform required to deliver a successful event.