“The most fundamental aspect of our company DNA is not a technological or a logistical one – it is the people who work here. Every single newcomer is carefully selected for their own blend of professional and personal qualities, each bringing something unique to the HBS family.”


“I joined HBS on a two-year contract back in 2000, working in the Finance department – over 20 years later I am still here and now I am the COO. That shows me the opportunity within HBS for staff. The chance to constantly evolve and grow, moving from project to project, developing personally and professionally but always meeting the new and exciting challenges before us together as a team.”

Luc Antoine Charial, COO

“HBS is a very special company in many ways, and like in any job, some will love it and some will not like it at all! If you love it, which is a lot of people, you will be doing great things with great people so…be cautious there is a high risk of addiction!”

Armelle Pérez de Guzmán, Head of Legal

“We have some great opportunities at HBS. I find it very unique to combine the passion we all have for live sports events with our jobs, creating an environment that is fast-paced and never boring. And we get to work at the cutting-edge of technology, which is always fascinating.”

Stefan Wistuba, Director of Production

“I like coming to work because I get to see my colleagues from all around the world and hear different accents. I like to come to work because every project is different and I can discover some new country cooking challenges. I like to come to work because I can shout at my computer and everyone else around me accepts it and I’m not seen as a lunatic (well they do, but they don’t say so). Lastly, I like working at HBS because although I have been here for 15 years now, it feels like I started four years ago; this company keeps you forever young.”

Hélène Fullana, Production Manager

“HBS is delivering some of the biggest projects in the Broadcast Engineering domain. Designing and building some of the most complex broadcast installations with a great international team is what I found the most exciting. It is impossible to get bored at HBS!”

Christophe Barbe, Senior Engineering Manager

“As an architect, it is a great experience to work at HBS. So, you do all the sketches and you have all these ideas and to see it coming together in reality, especially when it comes out the way you wanted it to, is a very rewarding experience!”

Eline Bugarin, Senior Architect

“Here, you are given time and space for progress and in a general manner for our professional AND personal fulfilment. It’s quite rare, I think, yet so important. Also, if HBS considers that you’re a good element, you can be sure that they’ll make a great effort to keep you and offer a more adapted new role. HBS is a family! We’re working in the sports event business, more specifically football and that is super dope!”

Charles Edwin Rolot, Digital Marketer

“I love interacting with my amazing new colleagues, who are sweet, smart and sassy (okay, this last one was just for the rhyme, but you can add fun instead!). Also, it is a considerable advantage you will work on big, interesting, diverse events, mostly abroad in beautiful locations, full of charm! Personally, I also love being able to speak English daily and challenging myself.”

Léonore Boutet, Logistics Travel Manager

“I met my wife through HBS, my three best men at my wedding were all from HBS, I’ve got friends for life in HBS, so, to me, it’s more than a company, it’s a place where I can work in a field that I am crazy about and with people that I love. So, it’s more than just a job, it’s more than just a company.”

Charles Mautin, Back Office Booking Manager

“It’s hard work, but it’s a real family this company. There really is a kind of team spirit. You hear those things from people when they’re telling you about a company, you don’t often believe it. You think, ‘oh yeah, that’s a cliché’, but it really is true here. What better job could you have than being given a chance to travel around the world to so many different and interesting places to do a job that you really love.”

Steve Wilson, Head of Information and External Communications

“It is amazing to work at HBS and very motivational. The opportunity to participate in major worldwide sports events is a privilege, delivering quality work based on excellence and working in a great atmosphere with HBS teammates. Collaborations I had in the past went really well each time, professionally as well as humanly.”

François Feray, Senior Broadcast Venue Manager