The idea of connecting with your audience through broadcast has evolved beyond recognition in the last decade, and that transformation will only accelerate in the coming years. The tidal change in the business has seen audiences positioned in full control of their experience, with the traditional screen no longer the arbiter of how they will consume coverage of your events. Content must now be at the viewers fingertips, with the hype and the side stories around the main action just as integral to your plan as the cameras pointed at the players.

Distinguishing content is key to ensuring that Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° video does not just pass by as another gimmick. Our editorial teams have experience on major international events and know when and where to place their cameras to ensure that fans watching at home are immersed in the moment and can really believe they are there in the heart of the drama. Apps must offer more, putting your users in charge of their own coverage through multi-angle clips makes them the director – control their experience of your show by putting them in control. Similarly, the hook that draws in viewers and keeps them engaged between matches is now focused as much on the ‘second screen’ tablet or smartphone as the promotional clips trailered on TV. A strong social media agenda is required to raise the profile of your event and thrilling, involving clips, videos and messages are a must in order to ensure your base does not lose focus from your product’s value. Our advisors and experts know the social landscape, let them mould your, or your rights holders, coverage in the premium shape for your audiences’ needs.

How that material reaches the viewer is also changing. HBS doesn’t just create, collate and curate the content, the technical delivery of platforms, apps and web players is also clearly in focus. Whether you require a direct delivery method to your fans or aim to monetise your property through a branded app that can be sold to your rights holders as a complete and customisable finished product, our digital unit can offer solutions and call upon their wealth of contacts to design your digital offering. From major industry players to creative tech start-ups already looking beyond the horizon, the perfect team to manage your multimedia needs and ambitions can be just a few calls and clicks away.

5G, AI, XR, wearable technology, haptics… you don’t need to know the latest buzzwords for yourself when you have the reliable guidance of a team who are constantly scanning the market and evolving their vision with the ever-flowing tide of the technology world. Our solutions are tailored to suit, not to promote an agenda. If the coverage of your event requires, or can be elevated by, any of the forward-thinking developments on the market then they will be suggested and discussed – but our experts are here to advise, not to implement first and evaluate after. You are the masters of your own vision of broadcast’s future.

Remaining rigid in a rapidly expanding digital universe can be fatal for your property’s credibility. Audiences expect 24/7 connectivity to their favourite sports today, a broadcast coverage plan without a digital solution in the 21st century is quite simply, obsolete. Don’t be left behind…