24 April 2017

The HBS management team meets this week with broadcast industry leaders from around the world at the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention, taking place in Las Vegas, United States, from 24 to 27 April.



HBS Chief of External Relations Lise Cosimi will talk on three panels at the NAB Convention 

HBS Chief Technical Officer Jörg Sander, Chief Content Officer Dan Miodownik, Head of Digital Johannes Franken and Chief of External Relations Lise Cosimi are representing HBS and attending the exhibition to take the pulse of the industry and present HBS’ latest ventures.

In her capacity as Director of the HBS Broadcast Academy, Lise Cosimi participated to the pre-NAB SVG Chairman’s Forum, on 23 April, where she introduced to top-executives from the industry the initiatives developed by the Broadcast Academy to train tomorrow’s broadcasting stars.


Lise Cosimi participated on the SVG Chairman’s Forum on Sunday, 23 April

Today, Lise Cosimi opens her NAB with a Vimeo panel (Vimeo booth – SU7916; 15:00 local time), to highlight the “Share the Screen” programme, launched by the video-sharing company, set up to help close the gender gap in the entertainment industry. There, panelists will discuss fostering equality by investing in female-led programming, educational workshops, meetups, interviews, and how to bring the spotlight on female voices in the broadcast community.

Further promoting the topic of Gender Equality, Lise Cosimi will then take part in a BroadcastBeat session on diversity in the media on 25 April (TV Studio, LVCC Central Hall; 15:30 local time).

Finally, on the same afternoon, Lise Cosimi will also exchange with Muriel de Lathouwer, EVS’ CEO (EVS Booth – SL3816; 16:50 local time), about Gender Equality in the broadcast industry, and the initiatives the two companies have been setting up to allow women broader access to tech/broadcast training.

This shared presentation highlights the strong ties of the extended partnership between HBS and EVS, the two companies having built a long and fruitful collaboration, which resulted last year in the launch of the “Live TV Simulator”, a ground-breaking training tool for broadcast professionals.