29th Sea Games Kuala Lumpur 2017

Following the success of its participation at the 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 as the production partner of Host Broadcaster MediaCorp, International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS) was called on again to provide its expertise. As part of the Host Broadcaster SGTV, IGBS, a joint venture between HBS and IMG Media, was appointed by Astro Arena for the delivery of a number of production services for the 29th SEA Games Kuala Lumpur 2017.

Included in one of the IGBS deliverables was the design of the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), located at the brand-new Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC). IGBS provided the design of the multilateral and unilateral areas to the contractor appointed by MASOC (the Local Organising Committee). IGBS was also in charge of IBC broadcast engineering and supplied the IBC broadcast technical equipment, as well as the integration of said equipment. IGBS oversaw IBC operations, ran pre-event tests and CDT operations.

IGBS also provided ENG coverage for non-live sports, as well as Quality Control for all live events, Daily Highlights production and the production of two multi-channels. Three Broadcast Venue Managers (BVMs) and two Venue Technical Managers (VTMs) from IGBS supported broadcast activities at the venues.

Regarding relations with Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs), IGBS teams were in charge of the booking operations and generated/distributed broadcast information pre-event and during event time to better answer the requests of RHBs.

Facts & Figures:

  • 17 days of coverage
  • 38 sports covered live
  • 11 sports covered by ENG crews
  • 104 minutes in length of final highlights programme
  • 2 multi-channel feeds
  • 12 hours of daily coverage per multi-channel
  • 11 daily highlight shows
  • 17 feeds (14 sports, 3 beauty cameras)
  • 16 active feeds on busiest day of Games
  • 250+ hours of content pushed on multi-channels
  • 791 individual clips produced
  • 772 hours of VoD content produced
  • 7,800 views from non-live content
  • 322 hours of content live streamed
  • 4,320 m2 Hall 2 at the MITEC
  • 1,800 m2 International Broadcast Centre (IBC)
  • 650 m2 multilateral space constructed/in use
  • 940 m2 unilateral space constructed
  • 240 m2 largest unilateral area
  • 36 days of construction
  • 10 IBC based RHBs
  • 24 venue contribution circuits (redundant)
  • 3 beauty shots
  • 17 daily switched multilateral feeds included in package
  • 1,000 hours@HiRes Media Server HD
  • 13 multilateral feeds
  • 8 unilateral uplink service (Channels via AsiaSat5)
  • 5 ENG crews shooting with Panasonic P2 cameras (AVC Intra @ 100 Mbps)
  • 264 unilateral satellite transmissions
  • 538 total hours of satellite transmissions
  • 72 most satellite transmissions by an RHB
  • 147 highest total hours of satellite transmissions by an RHB
  • 3 40-foot ocean containers from Europe (340 kg); plus 932 kg by airfreight